10 August 2019

Why We're Changing Our Monthly Pricing

We hope you have been enjoying your free True membership. We're writing to let you know about an upcoming change.

As of September 2nd 2019 the monthly price to use True will be $10.00. Why? We're hard at work creating new features, more stability, and as the demand of True has grown astronomically, it means our costs for servers, more staff and operations as a whole has increased

Here's to getting many more conversions with True's software!

If you don't wish to continue with your membership, you can simply log into your account and cancel.

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Increase Sales

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Business Growth

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Build Trust

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“We get double the orders with True, people want to see what other people are eating”

Michael, Tacos Tacos

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immediate 20% growth in Sales after

“Our Free Trials jumped from 59 a month to 264, all because of True”

Jamie Rice, Renegade Fitcamp

Letter from Founder, Billy Canu

When I started my first job at a little ice cream shop in Denver, Colorado, I was 15 years old. The first thing I was taught at the shop was that “People need to see, smell, taste, and get help with a recommendation to make the best decision.”Years later, I learned that this is true with anything. A regular website can’t inform your customers that they’re in good company with fellow customers; it can’t let them know that others are buying from the site. However, True not only does exactly that while providing social recommendations to customers, but it also delivers all the tools sales teams need in a single, straightforward package that makes selling feel like less work. We use True to show people what is being ordered from a restaurant, salon service, B2B Software, reviews from Yelp, and more; really, anything. Message me on the chat system – yes, it’s really me, or sign up today for 14 Days Trial account.
Thanks, Billy

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